Margrit Clegg

1st July - 29th July

 For many years I have been influenced by Zen Philosophy. Zen means stillness and it has always been my aim to create images and objects which reflect the aesthetics of Zen such as simplicity, clarity, restraint and serenity in image and content.

My interests and sources of inspiration have changed very little over the years but the challenge is always to make it different and find new aspects and angles.

Although people rarely appear directly in my work, most of the subject matter has a human presence referring to prehistoric archaeology and ancient architectureas well as signs and symbols which are some of the oldest and most abstract forms of expression.

My works are built rather than painted. I use materials like stone dust, plaster, sand, chalk and charcoal as well as wood ash and earth pigments.

I like to create a sense of calm detachment with a touch of quiet melancholy. The power of stillness and silence is bigger than the storm and presents a stark contrast to our confused and hectic times.


image 2.jpg