Born Plymouth, UK

Studied Fine Art, Plymouth College of Art and Design   NDD Painting Special 1964






2008                 Beyond the Eye’s Reach, Somerville Gallery, Plymouth

2007                 One Above Zero, The Brownston Gallery, Modbury

2005                 From The Maures to Carbilly, Southgate Arch Gallery, Launceston

2004                 Somerville Gallery, Plymouth  

2002                     The Infinity of Blue, Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard

2000                 PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Plymouth

1999                 PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Plymouth
1998                 PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Plymouth

1997                 Coopers & Lybrand, Plymouth

1997                     Three Themes, Dower House Gallery, Lostwithiel

1992                 Kreter + Partner, Hamburg

1989                 Landforms, Figureforms, Dower House Gallery, Lostwithiel

1978                 Abbey Green Gallery, Bath



                        2014                 Plymouth Society of Artists Biennial, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth
2013 - 2014        Penwith Society of Arts, Penwith Gallery, St Ives
                        Hidden in Plain Sight - British Abstract Art from the Collection, City Museum and                        Art Gallery, Plymouth
                        St Ives Society of Artists, Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard     

                                                The Lens and the Easel, The Ariel Centre, Totnes

2012 - 2013        South West Academy Open, gloss-Art, Exeter

2012                 PSA at St Ives, Mariners Gallery, St Ives

2011                 Edinburgh Art Fair, Corn Exchange, Edinburgh
Windsor Contemporary Art Fair, Windsor                 
South West Academy Open, Exeter Castle, Exeter

                        Delamore Arts 11, Delamore House, Cornwood
2011 - 2013        The Academicians’ Spring Exhibition, gloss-Art, Exeter
2010                 St Ives School, Martin’s Gallery, Cheltenham

                        South West Academy Open, Exeter Castle, Exeter 
                        Plymouth Society of Artists, Artmill, Plymouth

                        The Academicians’ Spring Exhibition, Kennaway House, Sidmouth
2009 - 2013        Plymouth Society of Artists Members’ Annual, Artmill, Plymouth

2009                 Cornwall Revisited   Martin’s Gallery, Cheltenham, Gloucester

                        South West Academy Open, Exeter Castle, Exeter

                        The Lander Gallery, Truro

                        Breaking the Mould, Bath Fine Art, Bath (three-person)

                        The Academicians’ Spring Exhibition, Royal Clarence Hotel, Exeter

                        Artists of St. Ives and the South West, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth           

2008                 South West Academy Open, Exeter College, Exeter 
                        St Ives Festival Open, Mariners Gallery, St Ives
                        Plymouth Society of Artists, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth                    

2007                 Elgar and the Pastoral Tradition, Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard

                        South West Academy Open, Fishwick Gallery, Exeter

                        St Ives Artists, Belgrave Gallery, St Ives  

                        The Wharf, Tavistock, Devon
                        Seven For Spring, Morley Contemporary Art, Tredis

2006 - 2014        St Ives Society of Artists, Mariners Gallery, St Ives  

2006                 Brownston Gallery, Modbury, Devon  

                        Full Spectrum, Sherborne House, Sherborne

                        South West Academy Open, Cube 3 Gallery, Peninsular Arts, University of Plymouth

                        St Ives Festival Open, Norway Square, St Ives

2005                 The Little Picture Show, Rainyday Gallery, Penzance

2004                 The Park Gallery, London  

                        In Search of Ancient Voices, Duke St Gallery, Newlyn, Cornwall   (two-person)

                        Abstract Art, Harbour House Gallery, Kingsbridge

2003                 Spered Kelt Breton, Carhaix Plouger, Brittany

                        Spered Kelt Breton, Lorient, Brittany

                        Open 2003, Harbour House Gallery, Kingsbridge

2002                 Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Lorient, Brittany

2001                 Crossings, Dick The Dog, Penzance, Cornwall   (three-man)

                        Exposure - Teacher Artists in Cornwall, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, Cornwall

2001-2008          Plymouth Society of Artists Members’ Exhibitions, Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard

2000                 20th Century British Painting, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth,

                        Drawing Power, Stuart House Arts and Heritage Centre, Liskeard

                        Open 2000, Harbour House Gallery, Kingsbridge (1st prize)

                        Penzance Arts Club, Penzance

1999                 Landforms Two, Archie Brown’s, Penzance, Cornwall   (two-person)

                        The Sky, The Sea and The Bit In Between, Burton Art Gallery, Bideford

1998-2001          Penzance Society of Artists, Bakehouse Gallery, Penzance

1998                 Crown Courts, Truro, Cornwall

1996                 Coopers & Lybrand, Plymouth, Devon

                        Sixth Annual South-West Figurative Awards, Sterts Arts Centre, Liskeard (commended)

1995                 Cornwall Association for Art Education, County Hall, Truro

1994                 Modernism and the St. Ives School, City Museum and Art Gallery Plymouth

1991                 New Street Gallery, Plymouth

1990-2007          South-West Open Annual, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth

1989                 Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth

1986                 Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Lorient, Brittany

1986-1994          Plymouth Society of Artists Members’ Exhibition, Saltram House, Plymouth

1965-1968          Penwith Society of Arts, Penwith Gallery, St. Ives

1965-1988          Plymouth Society of Artists Annual Exhibition, City Museum and Art Gallery, Plymouth






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University of Sheffield Heritage Collections
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital Foundation Trust
ELF Exeter
DB Publishing, High Wycombe
Plymouth City Museum & Art Gallery


Work in private collections in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Dubai, England, Germany, France, Holland, Mallorca, Saudi Arabia and the USA






Penwith Society of Arts
South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts

Director of St. Ives Society of Artists: Chairman 2009- 2012

Penzance Society of Artists: disbanded 2001

Plymouth Society of Artists: Executive and Selection Committee from 1986