Judy Collins


 I am a painter/printmaker. Within painting, I work in oil and mixed-media, and in my printmaking practice, I work mainly with etching and drypoint processes, as I feel these media best reflect my response to my subject matter. I have always used the landscape as a starting point, not so much in a pastoral sense, but as a reflection upon 'used' land, where man works and leaves his mark - the fishing harbours, quarries, open mines, etc. Most recently I have investigated extremes in weather within these environments - storms, gales, high seas, expressive images of skies, etc. I am fascinated by the energy of the elements, and their interaction with the intrusion of the man-made landscape. The action of extreme weather in such contexts makes me aware of the strength of nature and the notion that it is an enormous 'thinking thing'. I tend to see these things as occurring at the edge, and because of this, such things as estuaries - natural meeting-points - have particular importance for me.

I also paint collaboratively with my partner, Peter Wray, with whom I also run printmaking courses from HandPRINT Studio in Trewidden Gardens, Buryas Bridge, Penzance.