CJM Booth

18th November - 29th December


Chris Booth was born in Guildford, UK, in 1969. He gained a first class degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University, after which he moved to Moscow to teach himself Russian and work as a journalist. He covered the wars in Chechnya and Kosovo for the Associated Press, and joined the BBC in 2000, becoming Moscow bureau chief soon afterwards. Chris subsequently served as BBC bureau chief in Baghdad during some of Iraq's most violent years, while also working as an editor at the World Service. 

Partly as a consequence of his career, Chris was hospitalised several times for acute anxiety and depression and struggles with both to this day. But it was in this dark period that he came to photography, finding it instrumental in his recovery and in preventing relapses. When you're looking through the viewfinder, you're not introspecting, he explains. A good photography requires you to be in the world, in the moment, and not lost in worries. 'Snap Out of It!' shows a small selection of photographs taken in the past three years characterised by a sense of wonder - and sense of humour. The intention is to capture with affection those fleeting mini-dramas of life that so often pass unnoticed.

Chris recently left the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development where he worked in communications for a number of years and is now concentrating on photography full time. He is married, lives in London, and has two (nearly) grown-up children.

Any profit from this exhibition will be split between the mental health charity, MIND, and Centrepoint, the organisation that helps get young homeless people off the streets.